Flights Of Fancy

Why try just one Champagne or Sparkling wine when you can take a tour with our tasting flights of 3 x different 75ml tasting glasses.



Only made in the best years, vintage champagne is a pure expression of time and place – displayed in a most delicious and refreshing way. Requirements are vigalant, grapes have to be 100% from that year, and have to be aged for a minimum of three years on lees before bottling.

2013 Moët & Chandon ‘Grand Vintage’
2013 Dom Pérignon
2012 Veuve Clicquot ‘Vintage’ Rosé


Toto… I’ve a feeling we’re not in Champagne anymore… $40

Champagne is a place that has a unique climate suited to sparkling wine production. With most of the region covered in vines and rising temperatures has pushed well established Champagne houses to find the next best place to grow the best grapes for bubbles.

Mumm Marlborough X ‘Brut Prestige’ New Zealand
Chandon ‘Blanc de Blancs’ Yarra Valley, VIC
Louis Pommery Hampshire, England



Récoltant Manipulant – it’s French for Grower Champagne!
Think Artisanal, the producers are only allowed to make wine from their own estates and not buy any in (which is quite rare for Champagne). Their focus – reflecting the unique terroir from where the grapes are grown.

Noël Bazin ‘L’Unanime Blanc de Blancs’ Villers-Marmery Montagne de Reims
Champagne Fleury ‘Blanc de Noirs – Brut Cótes-deBar
Jean Michel ‘Carte Blnche – Brut’ Vallée de la Marne


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